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A lifelong hobby became a serious pursuit almost a decade ago - after my first dark room photography course. I became infatuated with the process of light, film, chemicals and paper; black and white photography, from the moment an image is captured until I reveal its potential in the dark room is the basis from which all my photography has catalyzed.

I am particularly fascinated by the play of light and optics underwater (probably due to a life long love of being in the water). Secondly, I enjoy illuminating an object’s hidden secrets by capturing it in macro; up close from a point of view that most of us do not see in our daily lives. And most of all, I love to work with people! I try to create portraits of the true person, by interacting with my subjects in a way that allows them to be photographed as they truly feel in that real moment. When a client has given me the privilege of documenting their wedding day, I love capturing the event as it unfolds, allowing family and friends to be themselves, often unaware that my lens is even pointed in their direction.

deNijs Photography offers...

  • Partial and full day wedding photography
  • Personal and family portraiture
  • Underwater services: portraits, commercial and business
  • Specialized commercial photography services

Feel free to contact me for pricing and dates.

deNijs Photography
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